Fans of Outbreak and Contagion will love Biohacker!

Biohacker is a near-future medical thriller about a designer plague. The anonymous computer and gene hacker, a physician/stalker obsessed with reducing Earth's population, announces his intent in highly personal emails to journalists Will and Eva Warner. They soon realize that the plague's creator, this self-styled Biohacker, must be one of the medical team they've been helping to fight the Blackpox epidemic. But which one?

Settings are international, from highrise LA towers to hospitals to third world slums in over-stressed 2037. Future hi-tech includes freeway rail lanes, crowded urban skylanes, and flying air terminals known as Skyports. The characters are diverse and at their own risk, become romantically involved. The troubled and delusional antagonist is in treatment with an AI computer talking-head named Dr. Ergo, but he has difficulty keeping the therapy sessions offline and secret.

From a violent, sinister buildup as the contagion is released, the mystery deepens. Events accelerate to a final chase and confrontation that will settle the fate of the world and its human occupants.

This highly-charged novel may spark controversy, or even social movements, but it will certainly grip the reader. The story delivers a tense, mind-bending conclusion as the investigators, or those who survive, learn the diabolical secret of the biohacker.

Is the world ready for Biohacker?
Not always a fun read, but it may save the planet.
A pain-free solution to pop-pollution.
A medical mystery set in Earth’s VERY near future.
A millennial tragedy about love.
A mad biohacker, a designer virus, and a happy outcome – but for whom?

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